The BEST Outcome for Thanksgiving Leftovers!

Everyone loves Thanksgiving leftovers… What’s not to like? The sandwiches we make on Hawaiian Rolls, or reheated gravy (which just gets thicker…)

I just put together, what I think, is the best solution on how to “replate” your Thanksgiving leftovers — PIZZA!

Instead of tomato sauce, gravy!
Use any toppings you’d like — in my example, cranberry sauce, turkey (of course), roasted Brussels sprouts and glazed carrots! Top it off with cheese, and pop it in the oven!


Easy Weeknight: Asian Lettuce Cups

We love Trader Joes! While they have great ready-made meals, they can also make putting a quick meal together even easier by having some already prepped ingredients.

Asian Lettuce Cups
Small Gem Lettuces
Shredded Carrots
Shelled Edamame
Grilled Chicken
Trader Joes Asian Style Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette

Wash the lettuce thoroughly, and discard the outer layer. Pull the head apart into individual leaves, and arrange on plate.

Combine carrots, edamame and chicken in a small bowl, and mix in the peanut vinaigrette to taste.

Healthy, quick & easy!!

You can also use their Sesame Ginger vinaigrette with diced Korean BBQ to change it up.

Farmers Market Menu Inspiration: Summer Bruschetta

It may be the end of the summer, but there’s still some great ingredients in season – especially the tomatoes!

Summer Bruschetta with Avocado
2 Heirloom Tomatoes
1 Ripe Avocado
1 Shallot
Olive Oil
White Balsamic Vinegar
Salt & Pepper
Sourdough Boule

Finely chop the shallots, and place in small bowl with about 2 tbsp of olive oil. Dice the tomatoes and avocado to be about the same size. Toss together, adding the balsamic, salt and pepper to taste. Serve on sourdough slices, toasted or not!

Review: AMMO Cafe, Highland Ave, Hollywood

Just had lunch at the highly regarded AMMO cafe! I wanted to visit after doing so many events at their Hammer Museum location and never getting the chance to stop for a bite!

The TableSetGo Grading System:
1st Fork – AMBIANCE, from the decor to the waitstaff
2nd Fork – MENU, creativity, range, and diverse influences
3rd Fork – TASTE, of course
4th Fork – COCKTAILS, the bar selection
5th Fork – ADVENTURE, do they encourage you to try something new? And do you like it?

AMBIANCE – OK. Would love to have maybe sat outside. Decor is pretty minimal, staff was attentive.

MENU – Great. The heirloom Burrata salad was delicious, and I liked the variety of options for lunch.

TASTE – Desserts were terrific – the bread pudding with caramel – yum! The entree, we ordered Sea Bass which was the fish entree of the day, was good, but not far off a Niçoise salad, which I think was what they were aiming for with the olive tapenade and green beans.

COCKTAILS – A decent bar selection but nothing out of the box.

ADVENTURE – not particularly. If there are recommendations on what I should order next time, my mind is open!

So… 3 forks. To end on a high note, this is what our desserts looked like!


Review: Intelligentsia Coffee, Silverlake

Having spent a good amount of time in the UK, I always considered myself mostly a tea person. Then, late nights studying in college brought me to the dark side, and I became addicted to the seasonal Gingerbread Latte at Starbucks…. And the entire rest of the “Frappucino” “Macchiato” menu… I thought I was a seasoned coffee fiend! It has taken me almost 10 years to figure out that I’m just an “almost-coffee” person.

I visited the very highly regarded Intelligentsia Coffee in the hip neighborhood of Silver Lake. I expected an array of options, like one gets at the Starbucks or Coffee Bean… and was a little surprised at the limited offerings… Do they have a secret menu like In N Out Burger?

Ordered an iced coffee – to be horribly disappointed by a very bitter liquid that no amount of sweetener or cream would fix. I tried, but then there’s a certain point of no return that you can’t save it anymore… And that was an expensive coffee!

So, now I know, I am not a coffee person. I like my coffee to be half coffee and half a probably unhealthy amount of flavored syrups and milk that make it resemble a more caffeinated version of hot chocolate, and no hipsters out there will change that.